About us

Krazy World is an interactive zoo with activities for the entire family!


In the PETTING FARM you can interact with and feed dwarf goats , lamas and deer , this area is the life of the party for children and adults! In TERRA EXOTIKA you will find several species (..)

Animal interactions

You can visit us and interact with our animals and if you like any of them, sponsor them and you will have some perks!

Birthday Parties

Bring your friends and have your best birthday ever!

School Program

Come learn with us!


Come and have fun with your family and friends!

Environmental Awareness

Contact with the natural world is very important, the sensation of seeing, hearing and even smelling an animal is something unique and, for some, only possible in a zoo. Contact with animals is so strong and striking that it enhances a faster learning ability and a more immediate environmental awareness. Zoos are amazing educational tools!!



Children with Special Needs

Contact us!

We can adjust the experience to suit your child's needs! We want you to spend a day filled with unique and special experiences.

Contact with our animals creates positive emotions in the child, being an asset to their development, whether cognitive or motor.



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We are waiting for you!