You can visit us and interact with our animals and if you fall in love with some of them, foster them and you will have some perks!




Interaction with ...

Come visit us and interact with our animals.

crocodilo na agua
Crocodile feeding


19,95€ - 5 pax
Int Répteis
coelho no colo do menino
menino com papagaio
menina dá de comer as cabras
Farm feeding
menino em cima do burro
Pony and Donkey Ride
Lémure no ombro da menina




Animal presentations - at 2pm

In this presentation we speak of all animal groups, their characteristics, their habits, their geographic distribution and well-being.

We also tell private stories of some specimens and unique curiosities that you can only see up close! We are educators in love with nature and the animal world.






KRAZY WORLD ZOO has been operating since 1998 as a Host Zoo, has 62 different species in various groups of birds, mammals, reptiles and arachnids. 71% of the animals housed in the zoo were welcomed through the Institute for Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) and associations such as the Center for Animal Research and Recovery RIAS, the Reptile Trust, RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in the UK or Animal Advocacy and Protection (AAP) in the Netherlands. Many of these exotic and invasive species had no place of destination and were rescued from poor conditions of well-being. KW contributes to avoiding the impacts of these species on nature (and public health) and reduce the problems caused by biological invasions and abandonment of exotic animals.






Fostering an animal

Are you an animal lover?


Do you want to have a different godchild?

Then get ready to foster one of our animals. If you want to help a furry and fluffy animal then jump to Madagascar, come foster our ring-tailed lemurs, Luigi or Malina. If you want the noisiest friend in the reptile world, come foster Godzila, our american alligator. You can also choose a llama, an african spurred tortoise or even a bengal eagle owl among many others. Choose your favourite animal and contribute to its welfare, conservation and environmental enrichment of it’s habitat.




Fostering an animal will bring you lots of privileges!

The fostering process is valid for 1 year and has a minimum cost of 100 euros. You will benefit from 50% discount on your entry ticket, free interactions with animals on your birthday, regular news about your foster animal and your name will be on your foster animal’s habitat. Send us an e-mail to geral@krazyworld.com with your name, address and chosen animal and we will quickly reply with all the necessary information.

Thank you for your precious help!