Festas de aniversários


Bring your friends and have your best birthday ever!




Birthday Parties

Have fun with your friends and family!

We have the perfect proposal to celebrate your birthday! Spend a day at the zoo with your friends, this will be a day to be remembered!

Bring us your suggestion, we will be happy to make your child’s dreams come true!




Entry for a child at a Birthday Party includes:

Lunch or Snack:

3 Options:

1- Hamburguer with fries

2- 1 pizza slice with fish fingers or nuggets and fries

3- 2 pizza slices and fries (our pizzas are home made).

All options include dessert (jellow or donuts) and beverages (water or juices - included during snack/ meal time).

Guided visit and interaction with the Petting Farm animals, animal presentations, mini golf and pedal karts.

Personalised Krazy World party invitation.




Accompanying adults have free entry.

We can provide a private monitor, please enquire for our prices.

No food or drinks are allowed inside the park except for the birthday cake.


Value per child:

From October to May: 11.95 €

From June to September: € 12.95




You can also choose from a large variety of snacks for the adults.


Extra orders require a down payment.

Cancelation policy - The down payment will be refunded if the reservation is canceled up to 48 hours before the reservation date.





Smoked Ham (portion) – 4,95€

Chorizo (portion) – 4,95€

Cheese (portion) – 4,95€

Shrimp (portion) – 4,95€

Patties, friters, croquettes half dozen 4,95€ / one dozen – 9,95€

Roasted chicken (portion) – 5,95€

Portion of chips – (small) 1,95€ (big) 2.50€

Sweet miniatures – 19,95 € p/kg (minimum order 1 kg)

Large Pizzas
For Snack

Margarita (Tomato Sauce and Cheese) – 9,50€

Popular (Tomato Sauce, Cheese and Ham) – 12,95€

Funghi (Tomato Sauce, Cheese and Mushrooms) – 12,95€

Christy (Tomato Sauce, Cheese and Chorizo) – 12,95€

Portuguesa (Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Ham, Chorizo, Onion, Olives and Oregano) –  13,95€

Algarvia (Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Tuna, Tomato, Onions and Olives) – 13,95€

Options for family and friends

Special dish of the day 7,95€

Or by request,  minimum 10 persons:

Roasted pork loin with rice, french fries and salad.

Roasted chicken with rice, french fries and salad.

Cod fish with cream gratin and salad.

Portuguese Style Cod fish (with Potatoes and Eggs) and salad.

7.95€ per person.

Beverage not included.

Jug of beer – 5,00€

Soft drinks 1,5lt – 4,50€

Still Water 1,5lt – 2.75€




Mini Golf 18
Mini Golf 18
Pedal karts
Pedal karts
Animal interaction
Animal interaction
Eco Workshop
Eco Workshop

Join our Eco Workshop, reuse materials and find new ways to use pine cones, leaves, bark and other natural elements.

Join us and find out how!