We have lots of fun to fill your day!


Come and have fun with your friends and family!

We have a lot of fun waiting for you to spend a great day with Krazy World! Enjoy the Mini Golf, the Nature Play, the Pedal Karts and the Swimming Pools.

Come and find out!

We have the amusements that are included in the entrance ticket in the Zoo - Mini Golf, Swimming Pools and our Nature Play, and with additional costs - the Pedal Karts.

Activities included
Swimming pools
*The water slide schedule may change throughout the day
Mini Golf 18
Animal Interactions

We have many animal interactions for you in Terra Exotika! You can feed and interact with animals such as birds, bunny rabbits and even giant turtles!

Pony/donkey grooming

Our new pony/donkey grooming activity gives you the chance to get to know our ponies better, while we teach you how to groom and take care of them!

Spray Park
Krazy world nature play

Nature play was built with sustainability in mind. All materials are reused, the tires, the slide and even the wood, which comes from prunings and old fences. Krazy World reinvents, reuses, and ultimately recycle all materials. We believe in a circular economy and we apply this concept in all the park's procedures.



Activities not included
Tree climbing

Minimum height - 1.25m

Maximum weight - 90kg

Pedal karts
Pony ride

Maximum weight - 30kg / 66lb

Not Included