You can visit us and interact with our animals and if you fall in love with someone, adopt them and you will have some perks!





Lemurs are threatened primates and only exist in Madagascar. You can watch them very closely, take photos (experience includes photos sent by email and 1 printed photo, give them their favorite fruits and listen to the zookeeper telling you everything about their species and their natural habitat.

Maximum 4 people.

Booking at the park reception.

Price - 29,95€





Reptiles are fascinating, you will have an opportunity to feel the softness of a snake's skin and if you want you can even take a photo-souvenir.





Rabbits are domestic animals that have been with us for many years! These mammals love to gnaw and you can give them crispy vegetables harvested directly from our biological garden.





The African Spurred Tortoise is 50 years old but can live more than 100, you can give them a huge cabbage leaf and realize how their jaw is ready to eat the cactus of the deserts of Africa.





The parrots and parakeets of this habitat come to eat their favorite seeds from your hand! Their diet is made up of fruits and more nutritious rations, but the seeds are their favourites. You'll love watching so many colorful birds!




Farm feeding

The farm animals can be fed at any time of the day and always have a voracious appetite. You can feed llamas, sheeps, goats, deers and even chickens.




Crocodile feeding

Our alligator Godzilla only eats in the hot months. Hold tight to the feed stick as you go Alligator fishing! The zookeeper will be there to help you feed and talk about the biggest and most powerful bite on the planet.

This experience includes 1 printed souvenir photo and 5 digital photos by e-mail.

Maximum 5 people.

Booking at the park reception.

Price - 19,95€





Pony Ride

The pony and donkey rides are for children under 30 kg, you will feel like a real rider! If you are too heavy our females Albertina and Flor complain!